Let’s go back to basics: Facebook Advertising

Have you implemented a Facebook advertising campaign and been completely disappointed by the results? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there… So, let’s get started with these four tried and tested hacks for advertising campaign success:

  1. Choose your objectives – do you want to drive traffic to your website or build your follower base? Decide on your objective before you start setting up your advert; this is this first, and most important step, of Facebook advertising as Facebook will optimise your ad placement based on your selected objective.
  2. Do you know your target audience? Use Facebook’s detailed targeting options to select your audience based on demographics, interests or behaviours. Location, age range, gender and language are also great tools to use.
  3. Budget – it doesn’t have to be huge. Always choose the Lifetime Budget option as Facebook will not exceed the amount you have chosen and you get to choose a start and end date for your campaign. Start small so you can measure and adjust your campaign as time goes on.
  4. The nitty gritty – this is where you’ll need to get your creative juices flowing (YAY!). Facebook encourages advertisers to use as little text as possible on their images – so say no to text. Choose images that best represent your brand without you having to say a single word. Call to actions in your advertising text are a great place for you to engage with your audience – so decide, what do you want your potential followers/ customers to do?

Now you’re ready to rock your Facebook advertising! Always remember to go back and assess your ads either during or after your campaign has ended. Did they achieve what you wanted? If not, why not? Change your ad up and try again. If they worked – great – now you get to do it all again!

But if you are still feeling a bit wary of adverting of Facebook, join our next Social Media 101 Workshop. We have a hands-on approach to advertising where we mock up an ad campaign with your objectives, target audience, budget and brand in mind. Drop us an email on hello@thegreenlight.co.za to find out more.

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