Be genuine on social media (Gasp)

As social media users get bombarded with more and more content, it’s important for your brand to stand out and be authentic. Getting into people’s newsfeeds really isn’t enough anymore, you need to make an impact by creating meaningful connections. So, how do you achieve this?

  • Build authentic connections with your target audience: people are drawn to real content. Take your own photos instead of using stock or bought images in order to show your audience a personal glimpse into how your brand ticks. Brands need to remove themselves from dishonest content – always keep it honest and transparent.
  • Influencers are calling out brands on social media for promoting unrealistic lifestyles and this is how #TheGramSham trend was born. This is one way in which Influencers expose their true selves to their followers and create meaningful connections through a shared experience. Brands tend to have a more difficult time connecting because they aren’t necessary one person; they can’t post a Facebook story chatting to their audience and instantly connect as easily as influencers can. A great way to bridge this gap is go behind the scenes and humanise your brand, “invite” people into your business by posting real-life images of how your business runs from day to day.
  • Skip the marketing speak, sometimes: not every single one of your posts should push sales. When you look at your content calendar, mix-up your marketing and brand awareness posts. The brand positivity posts will be the ones to draw people in and the product/service posts will keep your now connected audience informed about specials, sales etc.

Always remember social-savvy followers can spot inauthenticity very easily and once they have you, will battle to rebuild brand loyalty and convince them to engage with your brand in the future. So basically, just be real 🙂

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by Cindy Kidger