A picture, after all, is worth a thousand words.

We all love a pretty picture but when it comes to social media strong visual content is way more than that, with 65% of people being “visual learners” and 90% of information we absorb coming from visuals (Hootsuite). Visual marketing uses unique design elements or relevant images and text to pull customers in and create brand awareness.

Knowing this the question is, how can you incorporate strong visual content into your social media strategy to assist your online marketing efforts?

  1. Establish a colour palette or theme that supports your brand – so even if you don’t have your logo on a post your customer will be able to tell it’s yours.
  2. Find inspiration from other brands – we are not saying go and copy another brands’ Instagram grids but find what you like and don’t like and then build your brands’ social look and feel from there.
  3. Say no to blurry images! Either take your own high-quality images or if you are strapped for time, tap into the supply of unlimited free stock image websites – we suggest mixing the two up.
  4. Remember visual largely incorporates video too so look into how you can include videos in your social media strategy.

If that didn’t convince you, this surely will: the visually dominated app, Instagram, has the highest engagement rate out of any of the social media platforms at 4.21% which is 58 times higher than Facebook and 120 times higher than Twitter (Hootsuite). So, let’s get visual 🙂

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Bright Ideas

by Cindy Kidger