3 brand no-no’s for social media

Remember your brand is on social media to build its reputation – the last thing you want is to annoy or offend your target audience. So we’ve put together a list of 3 things your brand just shouldn’t do…

  1. You may think you’re on social media to shamelessly self-promote you brand – unfortunately this won’t work! This is where planning your social media content comes in handy; aim to have 80% of your content provide your audience with useful information (things that even if they don’t ‘buy your product’ or ‘sign up to your service’ they will still find interesting and valuable). The other 20% can be promotional. Remember subtlety is key to social media marketing. A content calendar can be really helpful in getting this balance right – here’s our free content calendar to get you started.
  2. To automate or not to automate your responses – we are going with a strong DO NOT AUTOMATE. There are multiple options to automate your responses to help you stay in touch with your audience however they don’t promote authenticity. And authenticity is key in this day and age; absolutely nobody wants to receive an auto response from a bot. People want to talk to real people – human touch can go along way on social media to promote your brand.
  3. Using hashtags when you really don’t know how… Hashtags are such incredible little things that help potential followers find your brand. So we wrote a blog to help you get on top of hashtags and how to make them work in your social media marketing strategy: Should I hashtag that?

Sometimes it pays to play it safe… Because we all know how quickly negativity spreads on social media…

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