Social Media 101 Workshop

This interactive workshop, which consists of 2 lessons spread over 2 weeks, aims at teaching people how to market their business on the web using the latest social media tools. These courses are designed to help businesses see the value in social media management and marketing.


Digital Media Take-Over Course

This course is for the person who has attended our Social Media 101 workshop and/ or is already managing their company’s social media marketing and is looking to take it up a notch to reach out further on the web to ensure traffic to their website and drive sales!


Social Media Design Packages

In a small business we know the reality is that there is often no “marketing team” – so for the person who has attended our courses and has learnt how to manage their business’ online marketing message but simply does not have the time to implement the strategy.


Our Story:

At The Green Light we assist, and equip, small business owners, their teams and entrepreneurs with the know-how and confidence to market their brands effectively in this fast-paced, digitally-driven 21st century, giving them the tools necessary to ensure each brands’ unique voice is heard above the white-noise of mass-media marketing in the digital space.


Social and digital media are no longer the tools of the future; they are today’s tools essential for ensuring your business’ marketing is making an impact and reaching customers.

Take Action

The question is then: how do you ensure that when a person is searching for a product or information in your industry, that they find you?

By ensuring your company has a loud and brand-driven online presence – that’s how.


It is not rocket science either; it is simply learning a new set of skills. Give yourself/ your team the tools to make sure your business stands out in the world of digital and social media marketing.

Bright Ideas

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Social Media 101 Workshop

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